We are proud to count the following companies among our esteemed clients:

luxaviation execujet abelag absjet
nasjet hongkongjet absoluteaviation axis
altitude airborne optimus ejcapital

We also work with multiple aircraft owners and service providers that remain under confidentiality.



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Powerful Branding

We were appointed by one of the leading full-flight simulator manufacturers to boost their brand while maintaining the existing logotype and primary identification components.

  1. We developed a comprehensive Brand Manual detailing a set of creative guidelines including ready-to-use templates to ensure brand consistency across all communication channels.
  2. We managed the entire process of website development and delivered a modern, fully-responsive WordPress site.
  3. In addition, we designed a complete package of effective collateral materials in the new style: clean lines, neat layouts, and sharp typography.

Outcome: We transformed the face of our client’s business, added a recognition value to the brand for both internal and external audiences and helped present the brand in a consistent, recognisable and proprietary way.

Business Jet Fleet Selection

A global, blue-chip automobile manufacturer contacted us to help them select the most appropriate aircraft fleet for their travel needs.

We reviewed the detailed travel needs of the company’s top executives.

  1. We identified the most optimized business jet profiles to fulfil these needs efficiently.
  2. We performed a detailed NPV analysis of the total cost of acquisition and use for up to 50 different aircraft combinations. 
  3. We supported the Client during the acquisition process, as well as with the selection of an aircraft operator. 

Outcome: The Client acquired a number of business jets, which are currently in operation. 

Financial audit of aircraft operating cost

Several Aircraft Owners contacted us to review the operational costs of their business jets. Typically these audits cover periods of 1 to 5 years of operation.

  1. We analyzed all contractual documents related to the operation.
  2. We performed a detailed and systematic review of all costs incurred during the operation (i.e. thousands of invoices for each aircraft).
  3. We liaised with the operator to get full transparency / clarification on all the costs.
  4. Based on our findings, we highlighted hundreds of discrepancies and we negotiated with the operators the correction of these issues.

Outcome: The Owners recovered over US $200,000 to $1,000,000 per aircraft, with an average of over $500,000 per aircraft. Some Owners also asked us to continue to perform the financial supervision of their aircraft going forward. 

Integration of a Multinational Operator

One of the largest business jet operators in the world, contacted us to integrate its various businesses on a global operations platform.

  1. We defined a detailed integration plan, covering every aspect of the business (IT, dispatch, maintenance, crew training, charter sales, marketing, finance, etc)
  2. Over the following 24 months, we led the project of integrating multiple AOCs, involving several hundreds of staffs and aircraft, into a single large operation centre, all using a common state of the art IT platform

Outcome: This improved the company EBIT by several USD millions, and significantly enhanced the company efficiency.

Business Restructuring

A large business aviation company contacted us to define a detailed strategy to restructure its business.

  1. We made a detailed review of the company’s financials and interviewed all the departments in the company to understand their internal processes. 
  2. We identified multiple process failures, operational overlaps and possible synergies.
  3. We defined a detailed strategy to turn around the business. Our recommendation included actions at all levels: sales, marketing, operational processes, organizational structure and management.
  4. We then assisted the company to implement this plan

Outcome: The company EBIT improved by several USD millions. 

Due Diligence

A business jet operator in Asia contacted us to perform a detailed due diligence of a third party operator with the objective to acquire this company.

  1. We made a detailed and thorough review of the company’s financials results, contracts and commercial documentation.
  2. We interviewed all the departments in the company to understand their internal processes, evaluate their level of expertise, and identify potential issues.
  3. We identified any potential weaknesses that needed clarification prior to the closing of the acquisition.
  4. We provided a detailed due diligence report, that included multiple recommendations regarding the acquisition price and the structure of the transaction.

Outcome: Our client acquired the targeted business. 

FBO turnaround

A very large European FBO contacted us to define a complete turnaround plan for its business.

  1. We made a detailed review of the company’s historical financials.
  2. We interviewed all the departments to understand their internal processes and identify failures, operational overlaps and possible synergies.  
  3. We defined a detailed strategy to turn around the business and improve its EBIT by USD 2 million. Our recommendation included actions at all levels: sales, gross profit, expenses, operation, organization.

Outcome: Our customer implemented our turnaround plan. Within less than 6 months the company became largely profitable.