Aircraft & Equipment Manufacturers

We support aircraft manufacturers and tier-one equipment suppliers in developing and implementing strategies to grow their businesses, improve their profitability, develop new products and gain visibility on the market space. 

Our team gathers extensive knowledge of aircraft manufacturing and operation. Our experience extends from strategy to the development of new aircraft. It incorporates business development in new territories as well as branding. 
Business Jets
AirPlans provides business jet manufacturers advice to develop their product portfolio, position their product, market, gain market share, improve customer satisfaction, and improve their image. Our deep knowledge of the business aviation industry and extensive network allow us to help our clients select the right partners and open the right doors.

General Aviation & Helicopters
Whether you manufacture single engine piston aircraft or complex turbine helicopters, AirPlans’ aviation expertise can help you with business planning, market intelligence and commercial strategies. 

Defense and special mission
AirPlans’ experience also includes modifying standard civilian products for special mission or defense applications. This includes for instance air ambulance, military pilot training, surveillance or maritime patrol.  We advise our clients in entering new market, defining new applications, creating product derivatives and growing their sales.

Tier-one equipment
Tier-one equipment often plays a central role in the viability of an aircraft program, and in its success in the market.  Our team understands the role of a jet engine manufacturer, an avionics supplier or a cabin manufacturer in the dynamics of aircraft manufacturing.  Our consulting services help our clients to develop the right products, get them accepted by the market, and make them a cornerstone of the entire aircraft proposition.