Aircraft Owners

AirPlans advisors are aviation professionals with vast experience in aircraft purchase and operation. We provide our clients with expert advice for all ownership matters: from the selection of their aircraft to match their needs, to the operational set up and supervision, the negotiation of insurance or financing, to the resale of their aircraft.
Aircraft selection and Pre-purchase Inspections
Our aviation specialists can provide a detailed analysis to our clients to ensure that they will select the right type of aircraft to fulfill their needs. In case they look for a pre-owned aircraft, we help them find the right aircraft serial number, at the right commercial conditions. With our external partners, we can also procure technical expertise to organize aircraft reviews and pre-purchase inspections.
Operational structure
With the constantly changing regulation and tax environment, and the fierce but rarely fair competition between aircraft operators, AirPlans can advise their clients on the selection of the right operator and structure the key aspects of such operation.
Aircraft operational supervision
We take care of all complex aviation matters for the Owners, offering them a turnkey operational supervision of their asset. We represent them with the operators, maintenance centers and financing / insurance providers. We can also assist in selecting and managing the crew. We negotiate the most favorable terms and supervise the day-to-day operation, ensuring a smooth and cost-optimized process. This way our clients continuously get the best value of their assets at the right price.
Aircraft financial audit
Our advisors have a deep knowledge of business jet operations and how aircraft operators usually account and charge for it. We perform detailed audits of the operating costs and the possible charter revenue of our client’s aircraft. Based on our experience, these audits typically generate significant refunds in favor of our clients.
Insurance & Financing
Aircraft insurance and financing are complex products, involving multiple parties and specific technical terms.  Our advisors administrated multiple insurance policies for large operators and negotiated numerous aircraft financing contracts. We are well-suited to advise our clients on the best insurance or financing solution for them, search for the most appropriate providers and negotiate the most favorable terms.