Operators & Service Providers

Airline & Business Jet Operators
For years the aviation market has been going through a very difficult time. The competitive landscape changed, the regulation and the tax system changed. A clear branding and positioning is key, and the optimization of all business processes is essential. AirPlans experts have extensive real-life experience and proven success in providing restructuring solutions, new business models and designing new operations systems. We help our clients regain profits and differentiate against the competition.

Maintenance Organizations & Completion Centers
The MRO and aircraft completion industry has seen a wave of consolidation over the past years. The AirPlans team designs and implements pragmatic strategies for MRO businesses and completion centers to remain ahead of the game and improve their performance. We can also support your M&A efforts in helping you select the right targets, implement your acquisitions, and maximize the synergies and benefits derived thereof.

FBOs & Flight Support Services
FBOs combine the unique challenge of being local businesses subject to constraints that differ for each airport, and of addressing global customers who expect global operational standards. Having opened and developed numerous FBOs around the world, we help our clients to enlarge their network, improve their operation and raise their service level.  We also assist Flight Support Services businesses in defining and implementing successful strategies to react to the current commoditization of their industry.

Pilot Training Centers & Simulators Manufacturers
AirPlans advisors have a profound understanding of the simulation and pilot training businesses. The demand for new simulators is expected to be very strong in the future, but most manufacturers are located in territories where the growth is actually the weakest. AirPlans support simulator manufacturers and training centers to define their product strategy to meet the market demand, strengthen their commercial plan to grow their market share, or attack new territories.